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Welcome to CollegeMeet.Com

CollegeMeet.Com is the premier source for college chat rooms. Our chat rooms are free, fun, and cool! The free college chat rooms here come fully featured with things like buddy lists, private messaging, ignore commands for those pesky members, and so much more. Also, take the time to invite friends to the CollegeMeet.Com chat scene! It is free and simple to do. Thanks again for choosing CollegeMeet.Com, your one stop source for free college chat rooms!

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CollegeMeet.Com - Chat Features

We have lots of cool chat features here at CollegeMeet.Com. Below is the full list of our features. Don't forget to take the time to check out all of our cool free college chat rooms after looking at the features, which are listed below:
  • Buddy Lists for your chat friends
  • Font and color changing capability
  • iPhone, iPad, iTouch Access!
  • The ability to create your own chat room.
  • Person to Person private messaging
  • And much more!
CollegeMeet.Com - Our Popular Chat Rooms

Below is a list of our most popular chat rooms.

College Chat - College chat is a fun and cool free college chat room for 18+. Lots of college students come to the college chat room for a fun time. Talk about school, partying, whatever you want!

Adult Chat - The Adult Chat is for mature college adults looking for a fun sexy time! Adult Chat is loaded with fun filled adults just looking for a fun time. 18+ only, any content is permitted in Adult Chat!

Singles Chat - The Singles Chat room is a free singles chat for all ages. Please be respectful and polite, as this is a moderated chat room. Singles Chat is a great place to hook up with other Singles!

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